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Pest control in Sussex and South East London Pest control in Sussex and South East LondonCHS Pest Control is a small business that you can always rely on for your pest control needs! 

Colin, Gemma and Raj are happy to assist you either over the phone, via email or in person. We are a friendly, non judgemental team that handle a wide range of cliental each day. 

Our vehicle is unmarked, therefore we are able to arrive on site very discreetly and professionally. 

We offer a 24/7 call out service and aim to respond to any enquiries within 24 hours. 

Don't let pests ruin your day, give us a call and say goodbye to unwanted guests! 

Pests that we can control

Pest control in Bromley and South London, Rat sitting on bin bags


Rats, mice, and squirrels are all classed as pests. Rats start from the sewer systems and mice will follow pipe work to find their way into your property. These are usually seen and heard first in the kitchen area. Squirrels are predominantly within the loft space which they get to via trees, also they're very good climbers so can use vines to access the loft space. All of these rodents will cause significant damage to your property if not treated quickly. Squirrels are the second biggest causes of house fires as they chew through electrical wires. 

Rodent control starts from £180. 



Pest control in Bromley and South London, close up of wasp


Wasps set up nests in places you wouldn't believe. From the eves in the loft to unused wardrobes in garages. We've treated them all! CHS Pest Control offer a unbeatable price to get rid of nests. We use a very powerful dust which we insert into the entry point of the nest. This dust works very quickly and efficiently causing the queen wasp to evacuate the nest drawing all the worker wasps out too. Wasps will never return to the same nest once it's been treated as they can sense that area has been under attack before! 

Wasps nest treatment starts from £60. 



Pest control in Bromley and South London, close up of cockroach


Cockroaches are brought into your property or business via bulk brought items e.g. rice, pasta & other dry grains. Once you have an infestation of cockroaches they are able to bread very quickly, especially within warmer environments. When eradicating cockroaches it is vital that the customer works with us, ensuring that they are carrying out the correct preparation work before we attend. 

Cockroach treatment is priced depending on how many rooms are affected.  



Pest control in Bromley and South London, ants

Ants, Bedbugs, Fleas & Bees 

We cannot kill bees, they are protected - therefore if you notice you have a bee's nest we are able to rehome them by removing them humanely from your property or business. 

Bedbugs & Fleas are tricky but not impossible to eradicate. Just like cockroaches, if we all work together to ensure the preparation work is done correctly, this is a simple treatment. We aim to remove any flea or bedbug infestation within 4 - 8 weeks, all depends on how big the infestation is and how many rooms are affected. 

Ants are one of the easiest insects to eradicate as we use a gel base poison that the ants take back to their nest causing the ants to die off in a domino affect. 

Insect treatment starts from £85. 



Pest control in Bromley and South London, feral pigeon


Pigeon droppings carry a huge amount of bacteria and is very acidic, therefore is able to corrode metal and sometimes steel if left to build up. CHS Pest Control is able to remove a current pigeon infestation and then pigeon proof the area with netting & spikes. We will then deep clean the area affected by the droppings. 

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