Jack of all trades!

CHS Pest Control carry out a range of services relating to pest control, to help you ensure your property remains pest-free in the future. Take a look below to see what else we offer! 




Other services we offer



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Drain gully clearance

Did you know that 99.9% of rat infestations start from the sewer systems? Our team have the training to install one way valves into branch lines & also are able to bung disused lines to prevent further rat infestations. We carry out a full clean of the gully once installations have been completed. 

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Rodent proofing

Rats are able to fit through holes the size of a 50p and mice the size of a standard bio pen! We will always point out possible and current entry points whilst carrying out treatment. It's highly recommended that you do get these holes filled as it could lead to another infestation in the future. 

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Deep cleaning program

Rodents leave droppings & urine that will result in causing a very bad smell if they're not removed. CHS Pest Control are able to dispose of the droppings & sanitise areas affected. The products we use are environmentally friendly & leave a fresh smell. 



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Loft/shed/cellar clearance

Having a clean & organised loft, shed or cellar will prevent rodents and insects from using your items as nesting materials or perfect hiding spaces. Our clearance team will help you sort through your belongings, dispose of any items you no longer want and we always try to donate items to local charities. 

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Licensed drone roof survey

We are excited to now be licenced to use drones which cover a range of 120 metres. Drones are used to check if there is any damage in areas we cannot see from ground level. When selecting this service you will also be provided with the video recording of what we found and a full report of our findings. 

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Moving home rodent survey

Its recommended that before buying a house or renting a property that you get a new home survey. This is to check if there are any current pest issues, we are also able to identify if there has been any previous pest issues within the property. This service includes photos and a full report of our findings.